More Homes Planned for Master-Planned Community Near Exxon Mobil Campus


More homes are planned for a growing master-planned community north of Houston.

CDC Houston, the local subsidiary of New York based Coventry Development Corp., is looking at announcing 3 new neighborhoods in Springwoods Village, an 1,800 acre community that is home to Exxon Mobil Corp.’s new campus.

The first neighborhood will be small and feature rows of townhomes.  The second will have about 50 single family homes.  And the third will feature between 70  and 80 homes.  The 3 neighborhoods will be located near Springwoods Village Parkway and East Mossy Road, west of a major mixed use development called CityPlace and a new luxury apartment project by Martin Fein Interests Ltd.

CDC Houston is in the process of choosing homebuilders for the new sections, and plans to announce them by the end of the year.  “They might be the same builders or different ones,” said Keith Simon, executive vice president and director of development at CDC Houston.  “Our goal is to try to have as broad a spectrum of product type as possible,” Simon said.

CDC Houston is developing homes at a slower pace than most master-planned developers, who often build hundreds of new homes in vast neighborhoods as fast as they can.  That’s because CDC Houston wants to be deliberate in its development, building smaller neighborhoods with the right mix of homes and builders to avoid rushed mistakes.  And with Exxon employees all moved in, the developer has the luxury of time to do so.

“Exxon’s not going anywhere,” said Clayton Benedict, the project manager for Springwoods Village.  “We’re not going to sell to anyone and everyone.  We’re taking a methodical, slower approach so we can be selective and do things the right way.”

Article courtesy of Paul Takahashi and Houston Business Journal

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