New Mortgage Lending Rules Will Likely Delay Home Closings

Forget the days of 30 day home closings.  New federal regulations taking effect this summer will provide a better home buying experience for consumers, but will likely slow down the closing process for Realtors, mortgage lenders and title companies, according to Mike McFarland, outgoing president of the Houston Mortgage Bankers Association and a senior loan […]

Procrastinator’s Guide to Father’s Day Dining (& Drinking): Choices Beyond Traditional Brunch

While the usual brunch makes for a great way to celebrate Father’s Day, check out these 8 places to grab a bit and/or drink with dad this Sunday. Tasty’cue at Killen’s Barbecue:  Dad won’t be able to get enough of the stellar brisket, beef ribs, pork belly, sausage and more.  Be forwarned:  There’s usually a […]

10 Distinctive New Restaurants That Are Definitely Worth a Try

Several new restaurants have opened across the Houston area.  The time has come to get out and eat now that the storm has passed . . . . at least until the heat becomes so oppressive no one wants to leave home.  So let’s get to it. B&B Butchers and Restaurant:  Locally owned steakhouse on […]

Eye on the Weather

The Fellwock Real Estate Group wants you and your family to stay safe while the weather decides what it is going to do.  Stay tuned to your favorite radio and/or TV channel to get the latest news and updates.  Remember to have things ready in case of evacuation and “Turn around, Don’t drown” is the safest […]

HUD Wants to Require ‘Affordable Housing’ in Wealthy Neighborhoods

Republicans hope to block a proposed federal regulation that would force localities to take additional steps to integrate segregated neighborhoods and bring affordable housing to wealthy areas.  If localities fail to take such actions, they would no longer be eligible for community development block grants and other housing related grants. At issue is the “Affirmatively […]

6 Common Financial Pitfalls

We all make mistakes, and through them, we learn.  But when it comes to finances, it is best not to take the trial-and-error approach.  Avoiding some of the following financial mistakes might save you a great deal of money and heartache. Cashing out a retirement account to pay off loans Substantial income tax penalties can […]

Simple Tips for Better Home Showings

Remove clutter and clear off counters.  Throw out stacks of newspapers and magazines and stow away most of your small decorative items.  Put excess furniture in storage, and remove out-of-season clothing items that are cramping closet space.  Don’t forget to clean out the garage too. Wash your windows and screens.  This will help get more […]

New Study Recommends Minimum 7 Hours Sleep for Adults

Seven hours of shut-eye:  That’s the minimum amount of sleep that adults need each night for best health, according to new recommendations from a panel led by a University of Washington sleep expert.  And functioning effectively – without guzzling gallons of coffee – could require even more time between the sheets, says Dr. Nathaniel F. […]

Forget New York & San Francisco: Millennials are Flocking to Houston

For decades, young college graduates have flocked to major metropolitan cities like New York and Los Angeles.  Graduates in Generation Y, however, are eschewing these so-called “primary cities” in favor of smaller “secondary cities” like Houston, where the cost of living is cheaper and job opportunities are plentiful, according to a new Bloomberg LP report. […]

Top 5 Buyer Desires

Knowing the home features people desire most and what buyers are seeking: The majority of women in the US think smart technology makes a home safer and enjoyable.  The specific smart-home features they are most likely to adopt?  Indoor and outdoor lighting, door locks, and security cameras. A separate laundry room is in high demand […]


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