Property Management

* Management fee is $75/month per property on most properties(can be paid upfront for the full
year or we will take our fee from your rent each month, before we send you a check)

* Rent is mailed to you within 24-48 hours of receipt to our office if paid with certified funds.

* No service charges! (we do not ad a percentage to repair bids, we simply coordinate with you,
the tenants and the repairmen)

* $50 per hour for eviction/court proceedings

* $200 in reserve for repairs (negotiable)

* Fee to lease a property is 1 full months rent ( ½ to our office and ½ to the office that procures
a qualified tenant—our fee cannot be reduced as we advertise your home in several
publications); Fee to renew a lease is ½ months rent

* Property Management calls are answered 24 hours/calls forwarded at night

* During the term of the lease the security deposit can be held by either the owner, or property
management company (this is negotiable)

* We maintain a separate trust account for our property management

* Our company, at all times, maintains E&O insurance


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