Relocation Buyers

relocationIf you are relocating to the greater Houston area, you probably have a lot to do and looking for your new home may not be at the top of the list. Let us lighten your load, we can do everything from getting you preapproved with a loan officer (who has YOUR best interest at heart) to finding your dream home, doing inspections and repairs if needed, and going to closing with you. Our office is your 411 for everything you could possible need to buy a home, and get moved in. We will supply you with phone numbers for loan officers, inspectors, repairmen, utility companies, schools, and anyone else you can think of! We know that moving isn’t cheap and we want to help you by rebating a portion of our commission at closing. (based on price of home) We love what we do and we are waiting for your call! Let us find the perfect new home for you and your family during this exciting time!! Don’t wait another minute, your dream home is waiting! Call us @ 281-353-8400 or call Terri directly on her cell phone @ 713-249-8202.

If you are relocating to Houston and not ready to buy yet, we can help you find a home to lease! If you lease a home through us and purchase one in the future, we will rebate you commission at closing, and with the economy the way it is, we know that a little extra money in your pockets can go a long way!


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