Why Are Home Inspections So Important?

Purchasing a home is a lot different than purchasing a loaf of bread at the grocery store.  If the bread goes bad, you can go back to the store and return it.  At worst, you are only out a couple of dollars if you decide to just throw it out instead.  However, you can’t just […]

Advantages of using a Realtor over FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

With the real estate market [not] doing so well, it is good to know the advantages for using a Realtor over FSBO or For Sale By Owner. Unless you are an experienced home seller, you will find that selling your home without the assistance of a Realtor somewhat intimidating and risky. This is due to […]

Same Buyer, Same Seller Program

This program is designed to reward you for using our office in ALL of your Real Estate Needs. If you are buying a home, new construction or not, and also selling your current home, let us handle both transactions for you! If you use the same agent to buy and sell a home, we will […]


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